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Our only hope for getting better

I am so blessed and thankful to have grown up in North Dakota. The people of the upper Midwest have a strong work ethic with a tough and rugged determination. My son, while at boot camp for the U.S. Army, discovered that not everyone has the same determination and commitment that we learn in this part of the country.

If you grew up in this region, you also learned that the answer to every problem is the same: suck it up, work harder and get over it. And if that doesn’t work, drink the problem away. What you don’t do is let anyone know you have a problem. You do what you have to do and plow your way through it. And when you don’t reveal it to another person, you don’t admit it to yourself or to God. But I’ve discovered it’s really tough to live in isolation, hiding that problem when it simply does not, will not, get better.

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