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Endless–for the time being–love

In 1981, Lionel Richie and Diana Ross released a beautiful, heart-touching song called “Endless Love.” This song has been sung at many weddings and dances for almost 40 years. In their personal lives, endless love hasn’t happened yet for either Lionel or Diana. Lionel Richie married his college sweetheart. After one child and 10 years of marriage he began an ongoing affair with another lady which eventually ended his marriage. He married the lady he had an affair with and they had two children together and that marriage ended after eight years. Diana Ross has five children with three different men. She was married to two of them. Marriage No. 1 was for six years and marriage No. 2 was 14 years.

Is endless love a reality or a myth? Is it possible for people who fall in love to stay in love and stay together for good? And not just stay together, but to actually stay in love? I would answer that it is possible, but not probable.

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